Buyer hasn’t clicked “Item received”, what now?

Please use the tracking number that you received from the courier company to check if the item has reached the destination and has been picked up by the Buyer. In case you have lost the tracking number, then remember that Aramex takes up to 72h and Paxi up to 9 working days to reach the destination. 

Step 1: If to your best knowledge the item has been received by the Buyer, you should first message the Buyer in Locals Prime about. You could also check the receipt of the item by using the tracking number (waybill number in the case of Aramex). 

Step 2: If the Buyer hasn’t responded nor clicked “Item received” within 48h then you should write to Locals Prime’s support via support icon in Locals Prime or In your email please:

  • Describe the situation
  • Add the transaction number
  • If possible add a screenshot which shows that the item has received by the Buyer – use courier tracking number. 
If the screenshot shows that the item has been received more than 48h ago, then we can instantly complete the transaction. In other case we will email the Buyer about the matter – if there is no reply within 48 hours  then we can complete the transaction. 
Since the Buyer also confirms the satisfaction with the item by clicking “Item received”, Locals Prime cannot immediately confirm the orders unless 48h have passed since the item was received. Read more about what to do when the Buyer isn’t satisfied with the product.
Please note Even if the Buyer doesn’t click “Item received” and the Vendor has not reached out to Locals Prime then usually after 5-6 weeks, Locals Prime will usually confirm the receipt of the item by the behalf of the Buyer.
December 7, 2020
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