How delivery works?

When uploading the item, the Vendor can enable one or more delivery methods: 

When purchasing the item, the Buyer fills in the necessary information which is needed in order to ship via the chosen courier. Shipping cost will be added to the item price at checkout. Note that Bundling will be available from the second purchase from the same shop and buyer has one hour from the first purchase to complete any additional purchases.

The Vendor receives the delivery information with the order confirmation and uses it to ship the item to the Buyer. Detailed order information can be found from My shop –> Orders. After shipping the item, the Vendor will click “Item transferred” on detailed order information page. As the Buyer receives the item and clicks “Item received”, then the money is released to the Vendor.


Here is an example of the process:
  1. Vendor uploads item on sale and enables Paxi PEP store as the courier.  
  2. Buyer buys the item and fills in the necessary information for Paxi delivery :
    – Pick-up point – this is the Pep store from which the Buyer wishes to receive the item from
    – Phone number – this number will receive the SMS notification when the package reaches the Pep store and also has the One Time Pin needed for picking up the item.
  3. Vemdor sends the item via Paxi choosing the most suitable Pep store location to drop off the item.  
  4. Buyer receives the SMS with the pin and picks up the item from the chosen Pep store.
  5. Buyer clicks “Item received” => Money is released to the Vendor.
December 7, 2020
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