How do I ship items? How delivery works for the Vendor.

1. Choose a delivery method.
When uploading an item, you can enable multiple delivery methods:

  • Paxi Pep-to-Pep Store (Standard or Large package)
  • Aramex Store-to-Door
  • Pick up from Seller 

2. Add a price for the item.
Shipping cost will be added to the item price at checkout. 

3. Item is purchased.
As the item is purchased, you will ship the item via the chosen delivery method. For PAXI and Aramex first a sleeve must be bought at own cost (the cost paid upfront will be transferred back to your bank account together with the item price once the item has reached the Buyer). Then, the item must be packed and dropped off to the nearest PAXI / Aramex drop-off point. 

4. Once the Buyer clicks “Item received” the money (item price + delivery cost), from which the commission fee has been deducted from, will then be automatically transferred to your bank account within 1-3 working days.

December 7, 2020
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