How does Locals Prime work?

1. Buyer finds a desired item. Then chooses a local delivery method or an option to pick up from the Vendor (when being aware of the location of the Vendor ) and makes a payment. Vendor and Buyer receive a confirmation email, a notification in Locals Prime and also in the Facebook Messenger if the user has enabled it in Locals Prime. App user will receive order related push notifications to their mobile phone.

2. The money is deposited into Locals Prime’s account.
3. The item moves from the Vendor to the Buyer via chosen delivery method. Vendor confirms shipping out the product in Locals Prime by clicking “Item shipped”.
4. The Buyer confirms receiving the item by clicking “Item received”.Vendor gets a notification about it.
5. Locals Prime transfers the money to the Vendor ‘s bank account.
December 7, 2020
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