How promo codes work?

Everyone can create promotional codes for their Own Locals Prime e-shop, just like big online stores do!
Why and when creating your own promo codes might be a good idea:
  • Boost your sales by giving potential buyers extra incentive by inviting them to take advantage of a limited offer
  • You want to manage your shop like a real business and create seasonal sale campaigns (e.g. Black Friday, Christmas etc.)
  • Celebrate your personal occasions with your fans by giving them discount codes on your birthday, every time new items arrive and so on.
How to create a promo code
  • Go to Vendor Dashboard
  • Select “Coupons” tab
  • Click “Add New Coupon”
  • Insert the information and choose whether you want it to give a discount % or sum in R.
  • Click “Create Coupon to save” and make sure the Status is activated (button switch to the right). Once you no longer want it to be active, just deactivate the code status.
December 7, 2020
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