How to sell more and faster?

The most important thing after uploading your first items is not to start “waiting” for the right people to coincidentally stumble across your shop. Instead you should start marketing your listings like a pro. Follow these simple steps and your first sales should be on their way!

1.  High quality listing is the base for being a successful Vendor.  Ask yourself: “What kind of an Ad would I find attractive and what information would I need about this specific product?”. It should include at least the following information: name of the product ( e.g a skirt/trousers), size, condition (e.g.  brand new/used); preferably the brand’s name, colour or any other characteristics. Locals Prime’s search results are based on the keywords entered in items description, so the more information the better your chances of a Buyer finding you!

2. Keep your photos attractive because people shop with their eyes. On a daily basis Locals Prime picks its favourites to feature on the front page. This will mean higher visibility and chances of selling. So make sure you take nice photos and you might get featured!

3. Post an Instagram Story of your shop! Take some photos or make a video of the items you’re selling and design a Story. Be consistent and keep doing this every time you add any new items. Invest time in taking some really nice pics, use different filters and find a style that works for you. This is what bloggers and brands do and your shop should be no exception! PS! Tag also @Locals_Prime – we will share our favourites in Locals Prime’s official IG account.

4. Create a social media post promoting an item. Whether you’re more into Facebook or Instagram, create a post that will stay on your profile for longer than 24 hours (like a Story). Choose your best item and post the listing with a direct link to it!

5. Add your Locals Prime shop link to your Instagram/Facebook profile. Did you know that everyone can add one clickable link to their Instagram profile? This way people can easily find your listings and start shopping without having to open their browser and typing an address. In Facebook you can add this to your “About” section.
6. Share your listings to various buy and sell groups, for example on Facebook. This is a brilliant way of reaching new audience on regular bases. Locals Prime has a special “Share” button that allows you to easily share the whole shop or a specific items to different groups. Keep in mind that there are buy & sell groups for different categories, such as children’s clothes, furniture, electronics etc – choose one or multiple that fits your item the best! Pro tip: Feel free to post often as in big buy/sell groups the items are shown to a limited amount of people by the sites like Facebook.
7. Use promo codes to boost your sales. Everyone loves discounts especially when they are limited to only those who know the promo code. Good news is that you can create your own promo codes in Locals Prime
8. Advertise with Locals Prime to get your favourate products, brand to be recognised and be listed on Local Hub
December 7, 2020
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