Locals Prime fees

We like to keep it simple:

  • When you sell an item, Locals Prime will automatically charge the 15% fee on the total transaction amount (excluding shipping costs).
  • No additional & No hidden fees

Maintaining and developing a secure online platform isn’t cheap and therefore there is a 15% Locals Prime commission fee. Even though it is the smallest fee on the market, it helps a lot with providing the safe and convenient platform for everyone. Otherwise using Locals Prime is completely free and without any hidden costs 🙂 

Fee calculation exampleYou as a Vendor list an item and set the price to R300 and enable Paxi delivery for your item that is R59.95. Buyer makes a purchase and pays R359.95. After the item gets sold a fee of 15% will be calculated from the Product amount excluding the delivery amount. That means you will receive R245 plus 59.95 delivery from Locals Prime. 

We like to be transparent, so here’s what happens to the commission fee of 15%:

As everyone is enjoying using Locals Prime, we ask our Locals Prime Family to invest in the continuity of Locals Prime through this commission fee 🙂

December 7, 2020
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