Returning an item, can I and how?

The Buyer has the right to return the item to the Vendor, if it differs significantly from the photo or the description. Preconditions for it:

  • Within 48h after receiving the item, the Buyer has informed the Vendor via Locals Prime messages about the wish to return the item
  • The Buyer has not clicked on the “Item received” button = hasn’t completed the transaction
Returning process:
  1. The Buyer informs the Vendor about the wish to return the item and the reason(s) for it;
  2. The Vendor informs the Buyer about where to return the item. Unless an alternative agreement is made, the item should be returned via the same delivery method which was used to ship the item in the first place;
  3. The Buyer will send the item and pay for the return postage;
  4. Vendor receives the item and cancels the order;
  5. Locals Prime transfers the initially deposited money back to the Buyer’s bank account in full.
The Buyer and Vendor may always agree on an alternative solution for returning the item or solving the matter (e.g. discount).
If the Buyer and the Vendor fail to agree or are unable to get in contact with each other, then both sides may contact Locals Prime for assistance via customer support icon in Locals Prime or via email – If necessary, Locals Prime will make additional inquiries to the Buyer and Vendor to resolve the situation. If one of the parties does not respond to the inquiry within 48h, Locals Prime may make a decision in the favor of the other party. 
December 7, 2020
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